IT Business

> 2500 Employees

For a leading supplier of mission-critical software, solutions and IT services with a broad portfolio of products and services, the concept of Cohesive Adaptive Planning was successfully implemented in more than 100 teams.

Sourcing and Services:


> 150 Employees

Creating transparency between Business and IT and making the Business aware of their responsibility in prioritization of the demand from IT to the Business, a 6 months transition has now made the portfolio overview and the long term planning as well as the short term planning a natural part of every IT employee + their corresponding stakeholders in from the Business side of the organization.

Retail IT

      Development & Services

With a UK-based lead provider in its domain, Fokus&Flow monitoring and knowledge sharing was implemented across 18 teams and +50 lead roles enabling them all to share Focus, Alingment, Progress and Learnings efficiently within one day each month.

Medico Manufacturer

> 50 Employees

Being in full control of the production line, the leadership team saw the potential to improve on overview and transparency within the development, qa and sales portfolio. Within 8 weeks of training and mentoring, 4 teams with 18 employees were up and running planning with a steady cadence.


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